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IFSA Judge Course 2008, RUSSIA

New IFSA judges :
- TKACHEV Vladimir
- KALACHKIN Vladimir
- GORBATOV Anatoly

New Russian judges :
- SUKHORUKOV Aleksander


IFSA Judge Course 2008, RUSSIA

It will take place next 21-22-23 July in Moscow. M. Galichet & L. Bourdin will be instructors.
Forum link : http://ifsasport.org/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=8&p=126#p126


IFSA Board Meeting 2008,

The organization of this Board Meeting will take place in Paris - 18th October 2008

There will take place the selection of the competitions of :
* World Cup 2009 : many competitions forming a ring
* World Championship 2010 : 1 competition


IFSA Judge Course 2008, FRANCE

It took place in Montpellier 29thFebruary-1st&2nd March, was organized by the MUC roller.
Students from Spain, Italy, France, Finland, Brazil joined. Former judges came to update their knowledge.

New IFSA judges :
- Kristell ARZUR, France
- Robin TESSIER, France *
- Sergio GALLINI, Italy
- Mathias GILLE, France *
- Juan-Carlos FIDALGO, Spain
- Seppo SILVENIUS, Finland

New IFSA judges for all except one criteria for freestyle slalom :
- Javier CELAYA, Spain
- Eva COCHEY-CAHUZAC, France *
- Caroline LEJEUNE, France
- Nicolas BESNARD, France
- Yann WONG, France

PS * : judges under 18 will not take part to IFSA judges team until they are 18.


Applications for World Cup & World Championsip :

Following the recommandations of the FIRS, the organisation of the World Championship will be set 2 seasons ahead. About the World Cups, it will remain 1 season ahead.

This mean, the 2008 IFSA board meeting will vote for :
+ The World Championhsip 2010
+ The World Cups 2009

Applications are to be received in September 2008 for the board meeting taking place in October 2008


IFSA Forums are opened again :

The new forum is open. Please Register again. Informations about the 2008 evens are already available. Check : http://forum.ifsasports.org/


2008 : World Championship 2008 : qualified skaters

Following the decisions of the board meeting, the top 3 skaters of the former championship are qualified.

The number of skaters qualified during each qualification is not changing :
Freestyle Slalom : 8 men & 5 women
Speed Slalom : 8 men & 5 women
Free Jump : 5 men & 3 women


2007 : IFSA Board Meeting 2007

The Board Meeting took place the 27th October 2007 in Paris. Minutes available on line


2007 : IFSA Board Meeting

The 2007 IFSA Board Meeting will take place in Paris next 27th October, 2:30pm

Read the topic on IFSA Forums : here

Schedule : here


2007 : Send FIRS your best skating pictures to media@rollersports.org & copy media@ifsasports.org about freestyle skating : thank you. Here is the message from the FIRS :

After the Streaming Live of the 2007 FIRS worlds, the enhancement of the Media Gallery of the various disciplines, the results and pics of the main events of the season 2007, here's a brand new section where each one of YOU, can give your personal contribution, sending to the address media@rollersports.org all the strange, interesting, funny, incredible photos concerning ROLLER SPORTS in your country.
Files shall only be accepted in jpg format, max. size 600 x 400 px (or vice-versa), and shall not exceed 100 KB.
Name of the sender and a short description of the picture shall be visible on the webside as the pics get published.
We expect to receive tons of old, recent and new amazing pictures from all the world... and the name of the new photo section will be - (SUSPENCE ) -... No anticipation, it will be as crazy as your photos!!! Visit the website in a week time and you'll find it!!!
FIRS Web management


2007 : World Cup of Free Jump Men :

Due to a mistake on the name of the athelte "Laurent CATROUX". His latest results was not taken into account. Since it has been corrected, this athelte is actually 3rd of the World Cup.

Laurent CATROUX is 3rd of the World Cup Free Jump Men

The athelte will receive a personnal letter to express our apologizes, and the congratulations he deserves. IFSA presents its apologizes to all skaters of this World Cup of Free Jump. To all athletes, please beware of the writting of your name during the inscriptions.


2008 : Apply for organisation of World competitions, before 30/09/07

If you want to apply for the organisation of an IFSA competition, part of the World Championship or Cup, you need :
* to know all the requirements : available here
* to present your project : what ? who ? when ? where ? how ?

* to send this presentation by email to board[at]ifsasports.org before the 30th September.


2007 : IFSA Championship

The number of skaters qualified for the finales of the World Championship 2007 are being updated :

Freestyle Slalom : top 8 men & top 5 women
Speed Slalom : top 8 men & top 5 women


2007 : IFSA judge course in Holland : results

Thisjudge course was held by an Italian IFSA Instructor. All students did pass. So the IFSA is glad to welcome the 7 new graduated judges :

- CANEEL Marlies (Holland)
- SAOU Matthias (France)
- PLATE Carmen (Holland)
- WIEGERSMA Martin (Holland)
- SCHRAEPEN Tim (Belgium)
- CORNELISSE Ragnhild (Holland)
- VAN DER MOLEN Ron (Holland)


2007 : IFSA judge course in Holland

The dutch skaters are preparing the next judge course very soon : 27-29 April. More information here :


2006 : IFSA & FIRS partnership

The IFSA & the FIRS are official partners, their signed their official recognition.

Please load the press release


2006 : IFSA judge introduces Rules & Judging system for Italian skaters

The meeting took place in "Polisportiva Gessate" center, near Milan, the 2nd December. All the italians and their representatives were welcomed.

Italian competitors & coaches did follow the lessons & explanations of IFSA judge Francesco MASELLI.


2006 : IFSA Judge Course organised by the Taiwan Federation of Roller Sports
The Federation has organised an IFSA judge course last 20th-21st-22nd October in Taipei.

13 Students took part to the International Judge Course and learned the rules of speed slalom, freestyle slalom, free jump & high jump. (CHANG Chi-shi ; HUANG Pin-yue ; TSAI Agnes ; TSOU Dong-syum ; LIN Shih-hsun ; RUAN Wei-ta ; HUNG Wei-chien ; KAO Lin-ta ; YANG Kuan-mug ; SHIAUN Huang-wei ; CHENG Yang-jui ; HSU Shih-yi ; CHIANG Scott yao-hui )

6 new judges graduated :
- HUNG Wei-chien
- KAO Lin-ta
- HSU Shih-yi
- TSAI Agnes
- RUAN Wei-ta
- CHENG Yang-jui


2006 : IFSA Board Meeting 2006

The Board Meeting took place the 14th October 2006 in Paris. Here are the minutes & reports .


2006 : IFSA Rules

IFSA received a last proposal about the rules, the 12th October, just before the board meeting. We still tried to take these into account for the rules updates 2006.

Read UK proposal : here


2006 : IFSA Board Meeting

The 2006 IFSA Board Meeting will take place in Paris next 14th October, 2:30pm

Presentation document & schedule : load it here
Read the topic on IFSA Forums : here


2006 : IFSA Rules

Dear Skaters, the IFSA will present the next season rules updates during the board meeting 14th October 2006. Meanwhile next competition is coming soon, and skaters will need to prepare runs. Here are some updates of the rules which are impacting the way to prepare the next competition :

* Management Mark : new family : spinning tricks : on 1 or 2 wheels (for inlineskates), turning minimum twice (720°)

* Management Mark : Eagle and Reverse Eagle will be together : including no combined tricks.

* 120cm slalom will have only 14 cones (instead of 20cones as it used to be). This slalom meant to be performed fast, suffered from the lack of space on competition areas, as well as training areas.

* the whole updates will be presented the 14th october 2006

Best training to all skaters,


2006 : IFSA Forums

Developping communication : IFSA website is presenting informations on line, IFSA is also communicating directly to competitors on local forums.
New tool, IFSA has its own forum, register online : http://forum.ifsasports.org/



2006 : IFSA Rules

Dear Skaters,
As presented in the former news, the IFSA has created a work group about the updates of freestyle skating sports rules, since October 2005.

The method has been set as follows :
1/ Identify the current issues for freestyle slalom & speed slalom + check the reports coming from skaters, judges, IFSA
representants ...
2/ Summ up these informations & check their coherence, to define the axes of updates.
3/ Set proposal of updates for each issues
4/ Summ up these proposal
5/ Check coherence of the updates, so each criteria changes is making a true change, and not making double change, not
creating new unbalances among the criterias.
6/ Present these updates at the IFSA Board meeting 2006 : the 14th October 2006 in Paris + display on www.ifsasports.org

Skaters have expressed some demand of changes, but few proposals have been clearly set. Meanwhile 1 early proposal came from Italy on time and took full part to the work group, then a first proposal from China has been received the 21st november 2005, a second proposal came officially from China (CRSA) the 29th March 2006 & another proposal came from France (CNRA) the 27th July 2006. In order to inform all skaters, please find these incomes from our partners linked. (not all translated in english).

The IFSA Rules updates have required huge work from the group in charge. We kindly thank all participants. For freestyle slalom, this updates need to be coherent, each changes has an effect on the ranking of competitors, each criteria has no sens if not understood in the whole judging system. Be sure the expert work group has no other duty than providing fair conditions for sport development.

Sport Regards,



2006 : The next sport season might start soon. Therefore for all organisations of competition willing to register for the IFSA cup season 2006-2007, please apply by mail at board@ifsasports.org before the 30th September 2006.

Then the Championship & Cup will be presented during the board meeting, the 14th October 2006.


2006 : First Japan Domestic competition

4th may in Oakayama

2006 : National Competition of Freestyle sports in Pakistan

PFSA is pleased to inform you that they organise the 3rd national freestyle slalom and speed slalom Championship in Lahore Pakistan last 22nd-24th June, at Gulshan-e-iqbal park Lahore, Pakistan. All over the Pakistan freestyle skaters will participate in this championship.



2006 : IFSA Website

The IFSA Website adress is changing in order to match IFSA projects & purpose. Welcome on www.ifsasports.org

It seems less confusing to have "sports", rather than "sport". Hope it will lead more people to IFSA's informations. ".org" is more convenient for the non profitable job we are doing & the aim we are working for : freestyle sports developpment worldwide.


2006 : CRSA - China

The Chinese Rollerskating Association (CRSA), in charge of development of Roller Sports in China, is accreditating a promotion event in Beidaihe (near Bejin). This show will promote Freestyle sports.

The IFSA competition in China, under the organisation of CRSA, is planned in Shanghai. The chinese government approval is required to let you know the very dates. Information will be on line as soon as available.


2006 : IFSA qualified skaters - Moscow

Because of a communication mistake on the webpage of speed slalom rules, the IFSA has qualified 8 competitors Men, instead of 5.


2006 : IFSA Country representant in Slovenia

The brand new representant from Rolermanija has written some introduction words : please load his letter.


2006 : IFSA Freestyle Slalom Rules development

Set some 4 years ago, among the first countries taking part to this international championship, these rules are currently being checked, in order to set if evolutions are required.

This purpose was a subject of the board meeting 2005, 15thOctober in France. Some contributions have been received by mail from China & Italy. This work is under progress.


2006 : IFSA competition in China is confirmed

Mr Qin from the CRSA (Chinese Rollerskating Association) has confirmed the venue of the IFSA competition in China under their very organisation.

Dates are still to be confirmed, work is under progress.


2005 : IFSA Championship 2006

The number of qualified skaters 2006 will be :
- 3 women for freestyle slalom & 3 women for speed slalom
- 5 men for freestyle slalom & 5 men for speed slalom

This should qualify about 45% of the skaters taking part to IFSA Competition 2006.


2005 : IFSA Country representant in Slovenia

Rolermanija Association will be the link representing IFSA in Slovenia. Luka MULEJ will be the dedicated contact. His details.


2005 : IFSA Country representant

Lenka BUCHCAROVA will be the link representing IFSA in Slovakia. She will be the dedicated contact. Her details.


2005 : IFSA Judge course : Delayed

This project of Organisation has been delayed.


2005 : IFSA Judge course : mi December

Next IFSA judge course is to be planned in partnership with FFRS in France. The FFRS organisation is on the way, more information soon


2005 : IFSA Board Meeting 2005

The Board Meeting took place the 15th October 2005 in Paris. Here are the minutes & reports .


2005 : IFSA official relationship with the FIHP


2005 : IFSA Board Meeting 2005
This first official board meeting will take place the 15th October 2005 in Paris, FRANCE. It will be open to all public. The very address is 4 rue Amélie, 75007 Paris. Reports will be available on our website after the meeting. The schedule :

Saturday 15th October
2pm : President, Secretary, Tresorer Report  
3pm : IFSA managers reports : 2005 competitions  
4pm15 : Communication, Slalom, Jump  
5pm : 2006 competitions  
5pm15 : Questions/Answers  

2005 : Independant Freestyle Competition organised by skaters in Singapore the 17th September 2005. More informations on the website : http://www.sgskaters.com/slalomania/


2005 : IFSA official relationship with the Russian Federation


2005 : IFSA official relationship with the Chinese Roller Skating Association


2005 : IFSA official relationship with the French Federation Roller Skating

2005 : IFSA official relationship with the Unione Italiana Sport Per Tutti

Qualified skaters for the finales of IFSA Championship

2005 : Due to the competition of Singapore being cancelled, the number of qualified skaters in Shanghai competition will be double.

2005 : Due to the competition of Livorno being cancelled, the number of qualified skaters in St Medard competition will be double.

Shanghai - St Medard
2005 : The competition in Italy has been cancelled a few days before the event. The organisators did cancel the event.
Livorno - ITALY
2005 : First National Competition of Freestyle sports in Pakistan

PFSA is pleased to inform you that they have organised the 1st national freestyle slalom and speed slalom Championship in Lahore Pakistan last 23 March 2005.



2005 : IFSA Judge Course organised by the CRSA
The "China Rollerskating Association" has organised an IFSA judge course last 31st March, 1st, 2nd an 3rd April in China.

11 new judges graduated :
- XU Xinhua
- LI Zhuanghui
- WU Chenghong
- LI Bingui
- MA Jun
- ZHANG Kaiyang
- HONG Xiaowei
- LI Lu
- WU Jinyue

2005 : IFSA sanction decision

Regarding the Moscou competition events, the judges team has reported an unfair and antisportive behavior of one competitor : Mrs Mourachova Elena (Russia)

Regarding the judges team decision, IFSA annonces the disqualification of this skater for all IFSA competitions 2005.
2005 : Freestyle Competition in Korea - Jeju Island
Title : The 4th Jeju Int'l InlineSkating Games
Date : 10:00 March 12th(Sat.), 2005
Place : Tap-dong Plaza, Jeju City
Organizing committee : Korea InlineSkating Association of Sports for All Operations committee : The Jeju Inlineskating Organization of Sports for All
Contact : The Jeju-do Inline Hockey Association of Sports for All (TEL: 82-64-759-7050)
Place for application : www.jejuinline.org

2005 : First National Competition in Pakistan
PFSA is pleased to inform you that they are going to hold 1st national freestyle slalom and speed slalom Championship in Lahore Pakistan on 13 March 2005. All the players’ different parts of the country are participating in this coming national slalom and speed slalom event.


2004 : Judge Course in FRANCE : Results
Congratulations to these 4 new IFSA Judges. We are glad to announce successful course for :

- Pierre Henri DUBOIS (France)
- Walid NOUH (France)
- Jerome PHILIPPON (France)
- Maxime GALICHET (France)
By the way 5 others trainees might join this judge team. One last exam will be required for them.
2004 : Judge Course in SINGAPORE : Results
Congratulations to these 8 new IFSA Judges. We are glad to announce successful course for :
- Xu YUTAO (China)
- Kelvin KOO (China)
- JING YAN Yao (China)
- YAP Jason (Singapore)
- LEONG BOON Longwen (Singapore)
- NG Graham (Singapore)
- SEET Edwin (Singapore)
- TEO CHEON YAN Ivan (Singapore)

2004 : First National Competition in Singapore : "Inline Skate Carnival 2004"
organised by South East CDC Singapore - Slalomania

more here

2004 : Judge Course in FRANCE : Results
Congratulations to these 9 new IFSA Judges. Further results should follow with french nationality judges.
So far, we are glad to announce successful course for :
- Francesco MASELLI (Italy)
- Carlos FLORES ARRANZ (Spain)
- Steve DAVIDSON (United Kingdom)
- Eduardo SANZ GOMEZ (Spain)
- Lenka BUCHCAROVA (Slovakia)
- Rafael ARGAIZ HOYOS (Spain)
- Philip DOWNER (United Kingdom)
- Pablo GOMEZ SANCHEZ (Spain)
- Xavier FU (China)








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