Wednesday, February 20, 2019

President Word




The International Freestyle Skaters Association has been created by skaters for the development of freestyle skating. It is leaded and managed by skaters, invites athletes & coaches to commit and gives the official recognition to these sports.


IFSA represents inline-skaters and roller-skaters of different sports : Freestyle Slalom, Speed Slalom, High Jump and Free Jump.


Worldwide freestyle skating is played under various forms, from recreational activities to a very sport. Athletes are training and performing, they need global event to challenge themselves. This is the aim of the IFSA.


National Federations need to promote their national team into the World Championship, need a global body to coordinate the various demands of all the world & understand the development of the sport. This is IFSA duty.


Local organisations yearning to build local event, wonder about how to. Provide our long & true experience, avoid to meet the same issues on every contest worldwide, help local events to take place, raise up the synergy of all independent actions, coordinate seldom competitions into the World Cup, communicate onto the athletes and promote freestyle skating is our daily job.



For the skaters & athletes,

For the skating sponsors & business,

For the events organizations & the national federations,



Mr Vincent VUVANKHA,

IFSA president