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World Championship 2009 – Results

Wednesday, September 2, 2009, 21:27
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IMG_1981The IFSA World championship finished on Sunday 30th August. Our teams will issue a full report of this event in the coming days.

Quickly, we can say that it was a success, great sport spirit was revealed throughout the week-end. Great performance were achieved and a great organisation was set.

Three new world records were knocked down during the week end, a World record in speed slalom men achieve by Yohan Fort (Fr) with 4sc 796;  an other world record achieve by Charlotte Petrew in Freee Jump women with a jump at 1m17 and a third World Record achieve by Maeliss Conan in High Jump women with a jump at 2m.

As said previously, full report as well as videos and photos gallery will be released in the coming days.

You can now download the full results here (Final St Medard 2009 – results)

Freestyle Slalom:


  1. BOYKO Marina – Ukraine
  2. ISMAILOVA Sabina – Ukraine
  3. LEJEUNE Caroline – France


  1. TESSIER Robin – France
  2. LARRUCEA Jon – Spain
  3. ALMAZAN Adrian – Spain

Speed Slalom:


  1. VERONESE Sarah – Italy
  2. LUALDI Chiara – Italy
  3. ROTUNNO Cristina – Italy


  1. FORT Yohan – France
  2. FERRARI Tiziano – Italy
  3. ROMAIN Lucas – France

Free Jump:


  1. PETREW Charlotte – France
  2. CONAN Maeliss – France
  3. DUBERNET Mallaury – France


  1. RATAUD Thomas – France
  2. GASNIER Sebastien – France
  3. CATROUX Laurent

High Jump:


  1. CONAN Maeliss – France


  1. GONZALES Jason – France
  2. PETIT Yohan – France
  3. FREMOND Marc – France
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