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Free Jump – Season 2007 – 2008

Saturday, October 20, 2007, 10:35
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1- The size of the competition area has to be at least forty-two meters (42m) long by ten meter (10m) large.

2- The same area is required for the training area, available any time.

3- The Equipment must match the IFSA requirement as in 5.5. For freestyle jump, the necessary equipment is two poles of two meter high at least and a bar of three meter long. The poles need to be graduated with accuracy.

4- When a competitor is called to perform, he has thirty seconds to jump.

5- The competitor will jump over a bar, he can try two times to jump over, and if he does he can continue the contest. (When three competitors or less remain, then they have a third try). The competitor can also decide not to jump a bar of jump, waiting for the next step.

6- If the bar of jump is falling, or if the competitor is going under the bar of jump, the competitor fails the jump. If he jumps over and lands without falling, without touching the floor with his hand or his knee, the competitor succeeds. If the competitor fails his last try, he is out of the competition.

7- The competition starts at seventy centimetres (70cm) for women and one hundred centimetres (1m) for men. The height is going from ten centimetres by ten centimetres, for the two first heights, then five centimetres by five centimetres. Until there are three competitors left, and then they choose the following height.

8- The competitors will be ranked by performance from the highest until the lowest. In case two competitors get the same performance. The number of fail they did before their last height is taken into account (the less the best). In case they have the same performance & same number of fail before the last height, the level of their 1st fail is taken into account (the highest the best).

9- There is no protective gear compulsory. Wrist guards are recommended.

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