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all IFSA Judges —- all Judge Courses

Friday, January 20, 2012, 16:54
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2010 judge course          in Czech Republic : 2 graduated

Tomas POUR                                     (Czech Republic)
Jan HORVATH                                   (Slovakia)


2009 judge course          in Barcelona (Spain) : –   8 graduated out of 10 students

Lorena ARANDA                               (Spanish)
Mathilde VOUILLAMOZ                 (French)
Victor BERMUDEZ                            (Spanish)
Jon LARRUCEA                                  (Spanish)
Ivailo PODOROV                                (Bulgarian/Spain)
Maria ISIDORO LARRAZ                (Spanish)
Cristina PERS                                      (Spanish)
Iñaki RAMON                                     (Spanish)


2008 judge course          in Moscow (Russia) : –   3 graduated out of 5 students

Vladimir TKACHEV                          (Russia)
Vladimir KALACHKIN                     (Russia)
Anatoly GORBATOV                          (Russia)


2008 judge course          in Montpelier (France) : –   10 graduated out of 24 students

Kristell ARZUR                                  (France)
Javier CELAYA                                   (Espagne)
Eva COCHEY-CAHUZAC                 (France)
Juan Carlos FIDALGO                     (Espagne)
Sergio GALLINI                                 (Espagne)
Mathias GILLE                                   (France)
Caroline LEJEUNE                            (France)
Seppo SILVENIUS                           (Finlande)
Robin TESSIER                                  (France)
Nicolas BESNARD                            (France)


2007 judge course          in Groningen (Netherlands)  : –   7 graduated out of 7 students

Caneel MARLIES                              (Netherlands)
Saou MATTHIAS                              (Française)
Plata CARMEN                                 (Netherlands)
Cornelisse RAGNHILD                   (Netherlands)
Wiegersma MARTIN                      (Netherlands)
Van Der Molen RON                      (Netherlands)
Schraepen TIM                                (Belgium)


2006 judge course          in Taipei (Taiwan ROC) : –   6 graduated out of 13 students

Agnes  TSAI                                       (Taiwanese)
Wei-Ta  RUAN                                   (Taiwanese)
Wei-Chien  HUNG                            (Taiwanese)
Lin-Ta   KAO                                      (Taiwanese)
Yang-Jui  CHENG                              (Taiwanese)
Shih-Yi  HSU                                      (Taiwanese)


2005 judge course          in China (Shanghai) : –   11 graduated out of 104 students

Xinhua XU                                          (Chinese)
Chenghong WU                                 (Chinese)
Kaiyang ZHANG                               (Chinese)
Jinyue WU                                          (Chinese)
Xiaowei HONG                                  (Chinese)
Bingui LI                                             (Chinese)
Wei ZHANG                                        (Chinese)
Jun MA                                                (Chinese)
Hao ZHENG                                        (Chinese)
Zhuanghui LI                                     (Chinese)
Lu LI                                                      (Chinese)


2005 judge course          in Singapore : –   8 graduated out of 9 students

Ivan TEO CHEON YAN                    (Singapore)
Longwen LEONG BOON                  (Singapore)
Jason YAP                                           (Singapore)
Xu YU TAO                                          (Chinese)
Yao JING YAN                                   (Chinese)
Edwin SEET                                          (Singapore)
Graham NG                                          (Singapore)
Kelvin KOO                                          (Chinese)


2004 judge course          in France (St Jean de Liversay) : –   14 graduated out of 31 students

Pierre Henri  DUBOIS                    (French)
Maxime GALICHET                         (French)
Baptiste JOIE                                    (French)
Walid NOUH                                     (French)
Jérôme PHILIPPON                        (French)
Phil DOWNER                                   (British)
Steve  DAVIDSON                           (British)
Lenka BUCHKAROVA                    (Slovakia)
Carlos FLORES ARRANZ                (Spanish)
Eduardo Sanz GOMEZ                   (Spanish)
Pablo  GÓMEZ SÁNCHEZ              (Spanish)
Rafael ARGAIZ                                  (Spanish)
Francesco MASELLI                        (Italian)
Xavier FU                                            (Chinese)


2004 judge course          in France (St Jean de Liversay) : –    4 instructors

Luc BOURDIN                                      (French)
Vincent VU VAN KHA                    (French)
Guillaume BARBAZ                         (French)
Pierre CELAT                                     (French)


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